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The Bus

59E59 Theatres

“A big-city play about gay teens that hopes to open the minds of small-town audiences. If any play can do it, this is the one.”

            -Theatre Is Easy


“The Bus is theatre magic. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

            -Theatre Is Easy


“Director John Simpkins optimizes the playing space with carefully choreographed staging.”


“Simpkins knows when to encourage quiet, simple movements and manners of speech as a counterpoint to the highly-charged emotions that the characters are experiencing.”


“Some clever directing by John Simpkins, who makes quite a lot out of a tiny theater’s cramped space.”

                                    -Capital New York


“Simplicity does not mean simple. The small-town simplicity of The Bus packs a wallop that is worth your time, whatever your beliefs.”

                                    -Curtain Up


Scenic Design: 

Lighting Design: 

Costume Design: 

Props Design:

Original Music: 

John Simpkins   

Michael Schweikardt

Chris Dallos

Michelle Humphrey

Sven Henry Nelson

Michael Shaieb

by James Lantz

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